At 81 years young, I have recently returned from a three-month adventure touring ten African countries. I was awed by breathtaking scenery and abundant wildlife, but I also witnessed extreme poverty firsthand. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

On my African journey I was able to share my life story with some wonderful people who also shared theirs with me. And now, I’d like to share my most treasured one with you.

I met the love of my life at a church youth group. Her name was Nel. We were both Dutch migrant teenagers. We married at twenty-one and were blessed with three children. I worked hard and we always had what we needed, enabling us to live a happy and modest life together.

One day at church, we learned about Baptist World Aid and the sponsoring of a child. We have done so ever since, feeling it’s important to help people living in poverty, and more importantly it is a demonstration of God’s love.

It was an easy decision for Nel and me to include Baptist World Aid in our will and share God’s gifts to those in need of the basic necessities we often take for granted.

After fifty-six wonderful years together, Nel passed away. Now, in my new life, I continue to be blessed with an ever-growing, wonderful family – seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren! I also value and appreciate all things of God’s creation like the changing seasons, the sunshine, the rain, a walk in the park, working in my garden, and an occasional holiday.

Everyone has to make their own decisions about what’s important, but can I encourage you to evaluate your own situation and whether you could consider leaving a gift in your will to Baptist World Aid.
Because in the end, it’s a joy to help people and a blessing to share what we’ve been given with others.

If you’re considering leaving a gift in your will, please call 1300 789 991 or email [email protected] for more information.