Hello Australia, my name is Sima! I live in Nepal.

I have had Australian sponsors for 7 years. I like them because they give financial support for the project to develop our community and we learn about Australia from their letters.

Before the Child Sponsorship came to my community life was difficult because there was discrimination between son and daughter, there were no toilets and no cleanliness in the community. People used open spaces for defecation.

But now I have seen changes like sons and daughters from all family go to school and community is clean. Mothers are members of Mothers Group and by taking a loan from the group they are starting their own small businesses.  Now everyone uses toilets in the community.

I have a friend in my child club, Nani, who do not have an Australian sponsor like me.

I would like to ask you to sponsor her – and other children like us – because it helps us to be healthy and strong, go to school and learn more… and it helps community too!

Be part of an incredible story. Please sponsor my friends today!

From Sima

P.S. Call Baptist World Aid on 1300 789 991 to sponsor Nani… or go to baptistworldaid.org.au/sponsorship to sponsor one of my other friends today!