You’ve probably heard of our Better World Gifts. These gifts do so much more than meet immediate needs. Every gift you choose contributes to lasting change for entire communities, and that’s the bigger picture.

But what if you could do even more with your Better World Gift this Christmas? All it takes is one big idea!

Host A Christmas Party

Every Christmas, Julie Lawrie and her family host their much anticipated ‘Gingerbread House Party’. The guests are made up of work colleagues, neighbours, and friends from church, as well as her boys’ school. Upon arrival, each family is presented with a gingerbread house of their very own and, at the appropriate time, the houses are decorated . . . and one family is declared supreme.

It gets fiercely competitive. ‘But also,’ says Julie laughingly, ‘slightly embarrassing’.

The tradition is a labour of love. Each year, Julie spends the day before the party painstakingly constructing a veritable gingerbread village. Setting each structure with hot, molten sugar to avoid the disaster of 2010 when some of the houses collapsed because she had the guests build their own on the day and the houses had no time to set.

Julie and her family bake gingerbread houses for their neigbours
Julie hosting a ‘gingerbread house party’ with her family.

One year, Julie had a big idea: instead of asking guests to bring a plate to contribute to the party, why not invite them to bring a donation to the charity of the Lawries’ choice? So, Julie hosted a Better World Gift stall and guests were invited to choose a Better World Gift. They raised over $900.

‘I’m passionate about the work of Baptist World Aid and inviting my friends and family to buy a chicken or a goat is a simple way for me to connect them with that work and say: ‘Hey guys! Here is a way we can help people’’.

Fundraise With Your Friends

Chloe, Jas and Camille are three ordinary teenage girls. But together, they are doing something extraordinary!

It all started when sisters Chloe and Jas decided it was time for a change. Maintaining their long hair was a lot of work . . . and just imagine how much money shorter hair would save their mum and dad in shampoo costs!

And then they had a big idea: instead of simply cutting their hair and shocking everybody with a new look, why not use this opportunity to raise money for something they were really passionate about?

When they told their friend Camille about their plan, she was inspired. She had always wanted to cut her hair for charity but she’d never gotten around to doing it. So the three of them teamed up.

A photo of Chloe, Jas and Camille after cutting off much of their hair to raise money to buy Little Book of Big Gift Idea cards
Chloe, Jas and Camille after the big chop

These young women are passionate Christians who have big hearts for the vulnerable, especially children. That’s why they are raising money to buy Better World Gift cards that support work to provide lifesaving health care for pregnant women, and that prevent child trafficking.

They had hoped to raise $3,000. But together, they’ve raised over $5,500.

‘I feel like I’ve been growing from this whole experience,’ says Chloe. ‘We live in a world today that’s so sinful . . . but there are still good people who want to give to us and want to support us, in every kind of way. I’ve been blown away to see how God’s been working through this’. The girls are also donating their hair to make wigs for children.

Send A Card That Counts

We know that our generosity can make a world of difference . . . it helps tear down the barriers that trap people in poverty.

Here’s a big idea: why not send your federal member a Better World Gift to let them know our generosity is important? Tell your MP that you want our nation to be generous!

In an age when MPs are inundated with online petitions, emails, and tweets, taking the time to send a handwritten gift card is a powerful action to show you care about the poor. It’s also a great opportunity to express a heartfelt ‘Merry Christmas’ to your parliamentarian and thank them for their public service.

Choose your Better World Gift cards today.