Sima’s Incredible Story


If I go to school, I can learn new knowledge. I can be something in the future!

Every school day, Sima walks a gruelling 45 minutes to and from school – rain or shine. She navigates impossibly steep terrain and half her way is marred by densely growing jungle… but she doesn’t mind. Sima feels lucky to be getting an education!

Not long ago, Sima’s mum struggled to pay her school fees, and it would not have taken much to end her schooling career. Thankfully, Sima still has a bright future ahead of her… because her family joined a child sponsorship project!

Sima’s mum was trained in goat raising and vegetable farming, which helped her grow her income. Now, it’s easier to pay for Sima’s school fees… and there are plenty of fresh vegetables to east as well.

Sima says, “I came to know about the importance of education from my mother.”

Sima’s mum missed out on going to school… but she’s determined for her own children to have an education. “I am willing to send my children to school at any cost,” she says, “Even if I have to struggle and work harder.”

I have suffered all my life. I do not want Sima to have this kind of life.

Too many children in our world today are denied their childhood. They miss out on the chance to dream, to play, to learn and to grow because of the impact of poverty in their community. But when you sponsor a child, you become part of an incredible story of change. And you help a child like Sima break down the barriers of poverty – for themselves and their whole community.

Today, malnutrition, child labour and child marriage are no longer the common problems they once were in Sima’s village. It has been transformed with the help of generous Australians like you… but it’s children like Sima who are driving the change!

Be part of an incredible story like Sima’s. Sponsor a child today.

*Name changed for child protection reasons.



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A young Ugandan girl looks out her family window