Melissa Lipsett visits Nepal and Bangladesh

Melissa Lipsett in Nepal and Bangladesh


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Fundraising Story

From the 7th till the 23rd September I will be travelling through Nepal and Bangladesh visiting our projects. I will be heading into rural regions of both countries, bumping along potholed roads and braving pit toilets. I’m thrilled to be able to meet the people we partner with and the families who are part of our programs. I can’t wait to hear their stories. I’ll be sharing those stories with you, and my own adventures, through social media. You can find my facebook here.

If you want to be a part of those stories too, I invite you to partner with me and donate to these programs. I’m sure the women, children and families will be incredibly thankful to see your support pouring through as I share their lives with you.

Your donations will . . .

  • help the communities we’ll be visiting improve their hygiene and health, including establishing vegetable gardens for nutritious meals and learning safe hygiene practices
  • help women in the communities learn how to share and save money together so they can all invest in resources to provide better opportunities for their families together
  • help the communities learn how to prepare for and respond to disasters like monsoons, flooding and landslides
  • teach children how to stay safe and respond well when disaster strikes
  • help improve irrigation and farming skills to ensure families are growing enough to eat and stay healthy, and take to market for a sustainable income – that includes farming grain crops, vegetables, livestock and fish farming!
  • teach men and women in the community entrepreneurial skills so they can establish small businesses that allow them to support their families and have ongoing livelihoods