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Give to our Hunger Crisis Appeal now and Melissa will match your donation, dollar for dollar.

This month, I am visiting the incredible work of Baptist World Aid’s Christian Partners in Africa. Earlier this year, WHO reported that over 45 million people in the Greater Horn of Africa don’t have enough food to eat, and the region continues to teeter on the verge of famine.

While hunger is one of the greatest challenges we face, the good news is that famine is preventable. Baptist World Aid’s Christian Partners are serving in places facing acute food insecurity.

I know many of you share my passion for this work, and I’m eager to partner with you in both prayer and action for an end to the injustice of hunger and poverty. To this end, for every donation made, I will personally match you, dollar for dollar*. Your doubled donation today will help vulnerable families access much needed nutrition, emergency health services and other essentials they need to survive.

During my visit, I’ll be documenting my adventures, and sharing the inspiring stories of real people I meet. I’d love for you to follow along and pray–you can find my facebook here.

If you want to be a part of this incredible story–helping people grow and access enough to eat–I invite you to partner with me and donate to the Hunger Crisis Appeal!


*Up to $5,000 AUD.