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sponsored child.

More than ever before, your sponsored child would love to hear from you!

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Your words have great value for your sponsored child, this year more than ever with the reality of social isolation! And connecting with them can be a great encouragement as they work to stay safe and build their future despite this pandemic. Although COVID has caused some mailing delays, we are still working hard to get your treasured letter to your sponsored child.

Use the letter writing template provided with your sponsored child’s latest letter – or use your own stationery, or a simple postcard or greeting card, as long as you leave a space for the translation!  And don’t forget to include your Supporter ID and Child ID so our team know where to forward your letters.

Please send your physical letters to:

Baptist World Aid Australia
Locked Bag 2200
North Ryde, NSW, 1670.

Remember, to keep costs at a minimum, we send your letters overseas three times a year. You don’t have to send three letters each year, but you’re welcome to take advantage of any of the mailing dates available!

Just make sure your mail reaches us by any of the following deadlines: 28th February, 30th June, and 31st October

You can also write to your sponsored child online, by signing into (or creating) your supporter account. Not only will sending a digital letter give you the option of uploading photos… but it also helps us to keep our administration costs down. Thank you!

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Letter writing tips
Culture in Australia
Write your sponsored child about what you do for special events... like Christmas and birthdays! Or describe school activities that your children and grandchildren are involved in.
Share Interesting Facts
Write your sponsored child about Australian food and the Australian landscape. Describe Australian animals!
Your Favourite Activities
Write your sponsored child about what you do for fun. Tell them about special events at your church or in your community… and why you enjoy being involved.


Your Family
Write your sponsored child about your brothers, sisters, children, or grandchildren.
Ask Questions
Ask questions about your sponsored child’s family, their studies and their favourite activities... encourage them to write back and respond!
Encourage them
Acknowledge this season has probably been hard for them too and let them know you’re sending prayers of peace and hope to their whole family.


We hope that these ideas help to inspire you as you write to your Sponsored Child.

And don’t forget that Baptist World Aid is a Child Safe Organisation… so you don’t need to worry about accidentally sending sensitive or inappropriate material to your sponsored child. Every letter is read to protect your (and your sponsored child’s) safety. Happy letter writing!

Don't forget...

Write your Supporter ID and Child ID on everything you send.
Letter tips
Keep the handy letter writing tips nearby you when you write.
Be sure that your mail reaches us by one of our four deadlines!

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