Your Sponsored Child and Covid

How your support is helping Baptist World Aid protect against and respond to the Covid outbreak in sponsorship communities

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“To our sponsors in Australia, we are very thankful for your support and prayer. Together we will beat this pandemic. Thank you for everything.”


Thank you for your loving support and care for your sponsored children during this global pandemic. We are conscious that now, more than ever, it is important for us to stay connected with each other and for you to know what is happening with your sponsored child.

We hope this page will help to answer some of your questions and keep you informed about how Covid is affecting your sponsored child’s community, and how your sponsorship is providing vital support as the impact spreads around the world. We are working closely with our Christian partners in the field to monitor and respond to the situation in each community.

Country Updates

What your partners are doing

Like Australia, countries where we have sponsorship programs are in lockdown. This is how our partners are taking action right now.

At the rapid rate of change that is occurring with Covid around the world, we will ensure this page is updated as regularly as possible with the latest news from the field.
Last Updated: 24th June 2021

Be Generous

To help keep more children and families safe from Covid, why not give your most important gift ever?


Your $100 gift provides 4 hygiene kits to protect families at risk of covid.


Your $200 gift provides 6 PPE kits for health workers in high risk, overcrowded conditions


Your $1,000 gift funds an emergency field worker in refugee camps for a month.


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