I would like to join a university. After I become a teacher, I will build my parents a good house.

Meet Johnson. A loving little boy who desperately wants to help his family.

He’s 14 and lives in Uganda. He lives with his mother, two brothers, sister and grandmother. His father is forced to find work away from home.

Johnson understands poverty – the struggle to get enough food – and he badly wants to help. He’s taking the burden on his own young shoulders.

“Life was difficult because I did not have anything to eat. When there is no food, I have no energy. When I don’t have school fees, I try to go to school even though they send me away, I come back.”

What a great heart Johnson has! He wants to finish his education, to help his family. But look at the pressures on him – no food, no energy, no money for school fees and added to this was the constant worry over his little brother…

My brother suffers from epilepsy. I knew there was nothing to use for treating him and I knew that he would die.

But then something incredible happened… a child sponsor from Australia steps in! A kind Christian family became Johnson’s child sponsors and things began to change.
Johnson’s family received a goat and they sold its offspring to pay for his little brother’s treatment. His mother also received farming training and began a small business selling vegetables.

“It helps me because it gets some money that she pays for my school fees.”

Now Johnson can attend school without being sent home. His brother receives the treatment he needs. The family is much healthier because they have enough food. Johnson has the energy to study… and to pursue his dream of becoming a teacher.

And it’s all thanks to a kindhearted sponsor who became part of Johnson’s incredible story. You can do the same for others like Johnson!

Be part of an incredible story. Sponsor a child today.

*Name changed for child protection reasons.



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A Ugandan girl with her hand at her mouth looks out the window of her home