Be Love 

Join churches across Australia and celebrate the incredible impact that you can have for children living in poverty.

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Celebrate an incredible story

“I know that people in our church sponsor kids from all around the world. But I thought to myself – is there value for us, as a church, in getting a little bit more focused? As a church, we could become more engaged, we could become more passionate, we could become more aware and informed… then Child Sponsorship isn’t just an individual thing it’s actually a community experience that we’re all involved in.”

Phil Blair, Senior Pastor – Green Point Baptist Church

The ministry of your church reaches far beyond its weekly service. Every individual in your church family has an impact on the world around them. And many of them are already child sponsors!

When you sponsor a child through Baptist World Aid, you become part of an incredible story. It’s a story about God’s love and ending poverty… Now, imagine the impact your church family could help to achieve by joining this incredible story together!

This Be Love Sponsorship Sunday*, celebrate your church family’s combined impact for children and families living in poverty. With your church’s generosity, who knows what incredible change you will help children to achieve?

Sign-up today to run a Be Love Sponsorship Sunday at your church… and be part of an incredible story!

*While Baptist World Aid celebrates Be Love Sponsorship Sunday during the month of August, you are more than welcome to hold this event on any date you choose.

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An incredible story


Your generosity means change for children… and their families!