Anne’s Incredible Story


Anne* is 13 years old. She lives in Uganda with her mother, her father, and her 8 brothers and sisters. Like other little girls her age, Anne goes to school and likes to play with her friends in neighbouring villages. But for Anne, it’s incredible that she can do these things at all.

Anne’s community was never a safe one for children.

Because families were poor, parents worked long hours. Left to wander the village alone, children were vulnerable and regularly attacked. Child labour was rife and child marriage meant that little girls like Anne got married.

But that was all before Anne’s incredible story helped to transform her community.

Through our Child Sponsorship program, Anne and her friends began to learn about their rights as children and how they deserve to be treated. At the same time, Anne’s mum and dad (and others like them) were taught about their responsibilities as parents – like making sure their children are fed and healthy and get to finish school.

It may seem simple, but the change that has resulted from this process of child and community education is incredible.

Now that Anne and her friends know how they deserve to be treated, they are reporting the problems they see to a Child Protection Committee – which was set up in their community through our Child Sponsorship program.

And because her parents received farming training, they were able to increase their crop yield and start keeping chickens. Now Anne’s parents have enough money to send not just Anne, but all of their young children to school!

Too many children in our world today are denied their childhood. They miss out on the chance to dream, to play, to learn and to grow because of the impact of poverty in their community. But when you sponsor a child, you become part of an incredible story of change. And you help a child like Anne break down the barriers of poverty – for themselves and their whole community.

Today, child marriage, child labour and child abuse are no longer the common problems they once were in Anne’s village. It has been transformed with the help of generous Australians like you… but it’s children like Anne who are driving the change!

Be part of an incredible story like Anne’s. Sponsor a child today.

*Name changed for child protection reasons.



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A Ugandan girl with her hand at her mouth looks out the window of her home