About the Book and Bible Study Series


Baptist World Aid Australia has released a book and Bible study series called “The End of Greed”. These will help you and your church discover how consumerism can be damaging to your relationship with God, can sap your capacity to be generous, exploits people in poorer countries, wreaks havoc on the planet and inflicts suffering on animals. You’ll also identify simple, practical steps towards a new, Christ-shaped way of consuming.

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About The End of Greed


The End of Greed is a five part book, multimedia small group bible study and preaching series that will help you and your church grapple with what it means to follow Jesus in a consumer culture. Five sessions explore five themes:

  1. Stuff: Consumerism and Christianity as competing visions of the good life and how we can embrace the way of Jesus.
  2. Generosity: How consumerism militates against generosity and how we can become the extravagantly generous people God calls us to be.
  3. Justice: The ways people in developing countries are exploited making the goods we consume and how we can treat them justly.
  4. Care: The impact consumerism is having on the environment and how we can recover biblical stewardship.
  5. Kindness: The impact of consumerism on animal welfare and how we can live out a biblical response.


A photo of Scott Higgins
Scott Higgins

Scott Higgins is an ordained Baptist minister, consultant and blogger who has spent three decades in pastoring, social justice advocacy and community education.


This book is easy to read, highly engaging and extremely practical. But at another level it is a disturbing challenge to us all.

-Michael Frost, Morling College, NSW- Author: Exiles, The Road to Missional, Jesus the Fool

Scott brings to the topic solid Biblical foundations, philosophical sense, harrowing examples and practical solutions...

-Karl Faase, CEO of Olive Tree Media

This is a thoroughly readable book, which is at times a little distressing, as its content challenges and requires response.

-Dr. Brian Harris, Founding Director of AVENIR Leadership Institute