Take the Global 
Neighbour Index to your MP

Whether you have a new or returning MP, the start of a new parliamentary term is a fresh opportunity to speak up for a just and generous Australia!

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Thomas Drouault

The start of a new parliamentary term is a brilliant time to go and meet your MP.

If you have a newly elected MP, it’s an opportunity to build a relationship with your federal representative and let them know the issues you care about. If you have a returning MP, it’s an opportunity for a fresh start… and a good reminder of which issues are important to their constituents.

Our Global Neighbour Index and briefing materials are the perfect tools to help you urge your MP to create a more just and generous Australia. Order your pack to receive a hard copy version of the Global Neighbour Index, a briefing sheet, and a step-by-step guide to meeting with your MP. We’ll also be here to help you prepare and debrief afterwards!

“The Global Neighbour Index was a great tool for our MP Meeting. It was so well received, and we felt confident going into a meeting knowing that we were so well resourced. I’d love to see this report in the hands of every MP” – Susy Lee, Advocacy Coordinator, Baptist World Aid Australia.

Order your Global Neighbour Index meeting pack today!

Global Neighbour Report Meeting Guide