Electronics Industry Trends Report

The Electronic Industry Trends Report grades 100 electronics brands on what they are doing to reduce the risk of exploitation and forced labour in their supply chains.

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The 2016 Electronic Industry Trends Report grades 56 companies from A to F on the strength of their labour rights management systems to mitigate the risk of forced labour, child labour and exploitation in the supply chain. It significantly expands on the work of the previous 2015 report, updating the research and adding an additional 17 companies. Engagement with the research process for this report was also higher; 61% of companies actively contributed, providing data and information for their scorecards (up from 54% previously).

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How does it work?

The grades awarded by the Electronics Industry Trends Industry Report are a measure of the efforts undertaken by each company to mitigate the risks of forced labour, child labour and worker exploitation in their supply chains. Higher grades are given to companies with labour rights management systems that, if implemented well, should reduce the extent of worker exploitation.
Our research team assesses each company’s labour rights management system according to 60 specific criteria. These assessments consider three critical stages of the supply chain as a proxy for the entire supply chain: raw materials, inputs production and final manufacturing. To find out more about how we grade brands, read our FAQ section.


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