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Provide families the lifeline they need as they struggle in the wake of disasters. Recent years have seen COVID compound crisis on top of crisis: in hospitals in Papua New Guinea, India and Indonesia, refugee camps in Bangladesh and Lebanon, and in the instability of Afghanistan. Your donation helps when it’s needed most.

What is included in the pack?

  • 2x Blanket card – Help the local church provide much needed blankets, mattresses and heating supplies to refugees living in tents during Winter. Warmth can be the difference between life and death for some families when the temperatures drop below zero.
  • 2x COVID Care card – This goes towards funding emergency food packages, protective and hygiene equipment for families who are most vulnerable to poverty and illness during the pandemic. It also helps provide masks, gloves and other protective equipment to frontline workers to keep them safe while they continue their work.
  • 2x Disaster Toolkit card – Help provide disaster preparation training for families living in prone areas. This also helps to provide the resources and tools necessary to recover after disaster strikes.
  • 1x Emergency Shelter card – Provide a temporary shelter for families when an emergency strikes, and they have lost their home and belongings. Keep families together and safe in their time of greatest need.
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