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Invest in Helping Children Flourish


Help children living in poverty grow up safe and healthy with opportunities to flourish. There’s something so wonderful about watching a child grow up into their God given potential. But with so many children missing out on an education and many families no longer able to afford schooling due to the COVID-19 crisis– we’re facing a generational tragedy. We want to see children growing up with opportunities to flourish.

What is included in the pack?

  • 2x Back to School cards – Help teach communities about the importance of schooling for boys and girls, and provide materials children and youth need to attend school.
  • 2x Safe Birth cards – Help ensure mums have a safe delivery and teach new mums how to care for their babies. Help train village assistants and birth attendants so mums and babies keep staying healthy.
  • 2x Arts and Crafts cards – Help children learn the skills to be creative be leaders in their communities, and attend programs that teach them skills to prevent child labour and child marriage so they can flourish.
  • 1x Child Friendly Spaces card – Help create safe spaces for children living in high-risk areas. They can learn to play, receive an education, heal and build safe relationships.
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