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You can be certain that every single Big Hearted Gift makes a BIG difference, but with so many great options, sometimes it can be hard to know what to choose… so, why not give your friends and loved ones the gift of choice? Find out more below.

How it works

Step 1: Give the Choose Your Impact Big Hearted Gift to a friend or loved one.
Step 2: Following simple instructions on their beautifully illustrated gift card, your friend or loved one will visit our website and tell us how they’d like their $30 gift to be used – Clean Water, Growing Livelihoods, Health and Happiness, or Building Stronger Communities.
Step 3: Your friend or loved one is given the option to send you a message of thanks and share about the project they’ve chosen.

What a wonderful way to help the people you love feel even more connected to your generous gift!

Note: If the card recipient does not let us know how they’d like us to use your Big Hearted Gift by 30 June, your generous donation will be sent where it’s needed most!

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