Partnering with local Christian organisations

We choose to partner with local organisations because they are the best qualified to identify the challenges that can face projects in their own communities.

We choose to partner with Christian organisations because, like us, they are motivated by God’s call to be love. As Christian partners they share our Biblically framed understanding of the better future God intends for people living in poverty.

We provide our Christian partners with financial support, accountability and training, and help them to grow in effectiveness as agents of change in their communities. In doing so, we learn from our Christian partners, adding to our own knowledge of good development in the process.

We currently have 36 Christian partners implementing 81 projects across 20 countries.


Why we work with communities

Poverty leaves people hungry, malnourished, uneducated, excluded, dispossessed, and susceptible to disease and early death. While the effects of poverty are felt by individuals, lasting solutions involve whole communities. That’s why your support helps to fund work that inspires people to act together and create the full future God intends for them.

Our Christian partners start by facilitating the creation of community-based organisations. Community members are resourced and trained to take collective action. They identify the root causes of poverty in their community, and they make and carry out plans to overcome them by drawing on their strengths.

By sowing into projects which build leadership and capacity at a grassroots level, you are helping to ensure that the impact made lasts well beyond the duration of the project itself.