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As a Christian leader, you’re integral to the success of our mission to tackle the injustice of global poverty. We can’t do what we do without you, and we’re grateful.

This is why Baptist World Aid is partnering with Steve Cuss to deliver a series of Managing Leadership Anxiety Workshops for Christian leaders in 2023. Steve will also sit down in conversation with one of our international Christian Partners to discuss their experience leading in a time of crisis.

We all carry pressures, triggers, and assumptions just under the surface. These can boil over when we feel stressed, tired, misunderstood or for about a hundred other reasons! In his workshops, Steve provides tools that will help you notice, name and diffuse reactivity triggers in you and your people.

Not only is this an opportunity for world class personal and professional development, but the proceeds from these workshops will be used to help fund Baptist World Aid projects that have immediate and pressing needs. All are welcome to join however these sessions will be particularly relevant for Church Pastors and Christian Leaders.

A note for Victorian Baptist pastors: This is a recognised Professional Standards Workshop for BUV Accreditation purposes.

A note for NSW/ACT Baptist pastors: This workshop counts toward fulfilling your yearly Continuing Ministerial Development submission.


The differentiated self is a connected presence. Curious. Non-Reactive. Keeping anxiety from spreading to others, sifting assumptions and false expectations. Connecting to self, others and God. This is difficult and life-giving work.

Steve Cuss


Steve Cuss, author of Managing Leadership Anxiety: Yours and Theirs, and is the founder of Capable Life
Steve Cuss
Pastor, Author & Leader

Steve is the author of Managing Leadership Anxiety: Yours and Theirs, and is the founder of Capable Life, an online community helping people to function as calm, aware and present leaders at work and at home. He’s served in a variety of pastoral roles for 26 years, the majority of those years as a lead pastor. Steve grew up in Perth and moved to the United States for theological study which is where he currently lives with his family.

Find out more here, or listen to Steve on Ruth Hayley Barton’s podcast here.

Reverend Mark Wilson

'Steve is a thoughtful, compassionate and wise leader. He brings a wealth of experience, particularly to those in leadership, and is a huge blessing to all who get to read his writings and participate in live teaching experiences.'

Rev. Mark Wilson (National Ministries Director, Australian Baptist Ministries)
Christine Caine

'We are SO GRATEFUL for Steve. His work with our global team and me personally is phenomenal . . . We could never thank him enough.'

Christine Caine (A21, Equip and Empower, Preacher)
Glen Packiam

'With disarming vulnerability and keen new insight, Steve [led us] through guided personal reflection and system analysis, [and imparted] wisdom that will help leaders last and teams thrive.'

Glenn Packiam (Theologian, Pastor)

*Terms & Conditions: Ticket costs are received into the Transform Aid International Fund ABN 63 430 709 718 and are not tax deductible. Ticket price is $85 per ticket (including GST). Ticket price is in Australian Dollars. Please email [email protected] for refunds or cancellations. We collect personal information about you in order to complete the purchase and to keep you informed about our work and current appeals: see our privacy policy.