Give My Voice Challenge

Give up your voice to hear theirs.

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Remember Baptist World Aid’s 60th anniversary challenge? Well, something like it is happening again, this year…

Introducing, the GIVE MY VOICE CHALLENGE! Running from Monday 2 March 2020 to Good Friday 10 April 2020.

Challenge yourself to 40 hours of silence over 40 days and raise money to help vulnerable families living in poverty.

You can choose to be silent for one hour a day… or you can up-the-ante and raise more funds by being silent for 40 hours straight! It’s up to you to set your pace and your fundraising goal.

Your support will help those most marginalised and oppressed to see the
full future God intends for them.

So… think you’ve got what it takes to be silent for 40 hours across 40 days? Download your End Poverty app and get started today!

*If you have already downloaded the End Poverty app you will need to update it in The App Store or Google Play to ensure you are viewing the latest version.