Fundraise for a Cause

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Choose one of the following six appeals for your fundraiser to support!

Middle East Appeal

Invite your friends to provide urgently needed emergency relief and support for Syrian refugee families living in Lebanon.

Disaster Action Fund

Invite your friends to help Baptist World Aid respond to future disasters as soon as they strike with emergency water, shelter, food, and medical supplies for families in desperate need.

Vulnerable Children Fund

Invite your friends to help protect children at risk of being trafficked, exploited, or married… by ensuring their families can keep them safe, healthy, and in school.

Where Needed Most

Invite your friends to give to the projects with the most urgent and immediate needs… you can be sure that their generous support will be direct to where it’s needed most!

Advocacy Research

Invite your friends to support the research that makes the Ethical Fashion Guide possible! Their generosity means more brands can be assessed, and more companies will be held accountable for the treatment of workers!

Still can’t decide on which cause is for you? Check out our FAQs page for more information.