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A kid’s cause for happiness

Fresh milk isn’t the only reason a child loves a goat – these curious creatures make powerful changes in struggling families. Your Big Hearted Gift provides a family with livestock training in Nepal or Kenya. Thriving in extreme climates, goats generate income from nutritious milk, manure and offspring.

It is particularly useful when families have little land to grow crops. Thanks to this gift along with small business training, they can take a loan from their savings group, raise goats and start earning some money. The big impact of this means food for the family and children able to go to school.

Manpura, Nepal.

After a landslide buried their home, Manpura, her husband and their three children faced five hard years unable to afford seeds for crops. When gifted training, seeds and fresh water access, Manpura planted onions. Her crop made enough income to feed her family for a whole year. Through a Big Hearted Gift, Manpura and her family rebuilt their lives. Her children no longer go hungry, they are healthy and go to school.

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Growing Incomes

With sustainable income comes long-lasting change. Your Big Hearted Gifts mean families can afford plenty of food, childhood education and better health care.

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