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Bee-ginning a new hive of activity

From nutritious honey, beeswax and health products, to crop pollination and splitting hives to sell, the possibilities in the beehive business are never-ending. Your Big Hearted Gift brings the delight of busy bees and training to families in Nepal, so they can harvest an income and nutrition in the smallest of spaces.

The benefits are multiplied thanks to training in literacy, numeracy, bookkeeping, health and running a small business. Plus, families can consume their honey, which is great for their general health and for fighting infections.

Manpura, Nepal.

After a landslide buried their home, Manpura, her husband and their three children faced five hard years unable to afford seeds for crops. When gifted training, seeds and fresh water access, Manpura planted onions. Her crop made enough income to feed her family for a whole year. Through a Big Hearted Gift, Manpura and her family rebuilt their lives. Her children no longer go hungry, they are healthy and go to school.

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Growing Incomes

With sustainable income comes long-lasting change. Your Big Hearted Gifts mean families can afford plenty of food, childhood education and better health care.

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