Coronavirus Update 27 May, 2020

Coronavirus Update 27 May

Your daily snapshot of the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the lives of people living in poverty and vulnerability around the globe. In this space, we will share media articles, updates from our partners in the field, and ways that you can be praying with us, as we respond to this pandemic with faith, solidarity and generosity.

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In the News
  • Around 15,000 Rohingya are under quarantine in Bangladesh’s cramped refugee camps as the number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus rises to 29. Testing and contact tracing have ramped up as health authorities scramble to contain the outbreak. For months, experts have been fearing an outbreak such as this, warning that the virus could vey quickly spread through these densely populated settlements which currently house almost a million people. With social distancing near impossible, and limited access to adequate protective equipment, humanitarian workers are now gripped with “fear and panic.”
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  • How Mumbai’s poorest neighbourhood is fighting to keep the Coronavirus at bay. Shivaji Nagar, one of Mumbai’s poorest and most underdeveloped neighbourhoods, is right in the heart of the Coronavirus epicentre in India. The informal settlement’s high density, narrow streets and poor access to water and sanitation means residents are highly vulnerable to the spread of the virus. Recognising that the country-wide lockdown, and ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to containing the virus was having a drastic impact on poorer families, the community in Shivaji Nagar decided to come together to form innovative solutions, tailored to their local conditions.
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  • Experts fear lack of test kits in Africa. As lockdowns ease, and community transmission remains strong in many countries across the continent, public health experts have issued a dire warning over the lack of test kits available. While many African countries have been able to keep infection rates relatively low compared to other regions of the world – due in part to the effectiveness of early lockdown and control measures – there is a risk that these gains may be undone if testing rates can not increase.
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  • According to new research, the Coronavirus pandemic is likely to derail a decade’s worth of progress on children’s rights. The suspension of vaccination programmes, school closures and a surge in domestic violence during lockdowns are just some of the causes for these setbacks. Unless governments take swift action, “we expect the economic consequences of the crisis to turn the clock back 10 years on the progress made around the wellbeing of children”, says Marc Dullaert, chairman of the Kidsrights Foundation.
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  • Coronavirus a looming catastrophe for Rohingya Refugees. The first case of the Coronavirus in a Rohingya refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar was on May 14. Since that time, cases have increased, and efforts to curb the spread have been hampered by Cyclone Amphan. Experts warn that it is now a race against time to control the virus in these camps before it becomes a calamity for some of the world’s most vulnerable people.wATCH MORE
Pray with us
  • Pray for health and aid workers currently on the frontlines of battling the Coronavirus in some of the direst of places. Pray especially for those working in Cox’s Bazar – that they would remain safe and well.

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