# End COVID For All

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Thank you for exploring how your church can get involved in the campaign to End COVID For All!

While Australia has been a leader in ‘flattening the curve’, too many of our neighbours around the world are ill-equipped to deal with a pandemic.

As followers of Jesus we have an opportunity to stand together with all our neighbours, by using our voices to encourage our government to provide vital support to vulnerable nations. As part of Micah Australia and the Australian aid community, we’ve worked on ideas that Australia could implement to protect those who are most vulnerable, strengthen health systems, and kick start economic recovery. Our government needs to hear that we support them putting these into action.

Together your voices make a difference – they let our government know that as Australian Christians we are concerned for our global neighbours as they face this pandemic and we want to see these values expressed in our country’s response.

By registering here, you will receive a free toolkit to help ensure your church is equipped with worship and advocacy resources for this journey.

Thank you for answering God’s call to be love. Thank you for standing with the poor and vulnerable!

Together, we can end COVID for all.

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