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Mortdale Oatley Baptist Church (MOBC) is raising awareness and funds for the ongoing humanitarian and refugee crisis in Syria. We are calling you to help provide an urgent response to provide emergency relief to some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Team MOBC will be participating in the Oatley Park Fun Run on Sunday 28 April 2019 to raise money to help provide life-saving emergency relief for refugees who have been left with nothing. We are compelled by the example and words of Jesus Christ to show love, mercy and compassion to the hundreds of thousands of people seeking safe refuge and asylum around the world.

Please support our enthusiastic bunch of athletes as we pound the pavement around the beautiful bushland of Oatley Park. All we encourage you to do is to please give generously!

Why are we asking for your support?

In 2011, widespread protests against the regime of Bashar Al Assad erupted in Syria. The Assad Government responded with a violent series of crackdowns, igniting a destructive civil war. Fighting continues today with devastating consequences for men, women and children.

The conflict is now in it’s eighth year and over 6.6 million people have fled their homes and remain in Syria. Another 5.6 million people have left the country entirely, often with nothing more than the clothes on their back.

One of the major destinations for families fleeing Syria is Lebanon, which now hosts nearly 1 million registered Syrian refugees. Families who find their way to the refugee camps are in need of clean water and somewhere safe to take shelter from the freezing cold weather.

How can you help?

By sponsoring an MOBC team member in the Oatley Park Fun Run, you will be supporting Baptist World Aid and its Christian field partner, Merath, to provide life-saving, urgently needed support to Syrian refugees living in Lebanon. Your gift will help provide families with primary healthcare through medical clinics, clean water and toilets for displaced families (which will help stop the spread of disease) and basic shelter kits, blankets and mattresses for families without a home. Your generosity will also give psychosocial help for children who have witnessed terrible acts of brutality and have been uprooted from their homes, their schools and their lives.

Your generosity will matter to these Syrian refugees and give them a glimpse of hope.

(Donations of $2 and over are tax deductible)