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MOBC has committed to fundraising for Baptist World Aid Australia’s Middle East Crisis Appeal to help end poverty. Support MOBC and help raise funds for the Middle East Crisis Appeal.

Mortdale Oatley Baptist Church ( MOBC) is raising money and awareness for the escalating humanitarian and refugees crisis currently unfolding in Iraq. Team MOBC will be participating in the Oatley Park Fun Run on April 30 to raise money to provide crucial emergency relief to refugees in the Middle East. We are compelled by the example and words of Jesus Christ to show love, mercy and compassion to the millions of people seeking refuge and asylum around the world.

Please support our enthusiastic bunch of amateur athletes as we pound the pavement for 1km, 2.5km, or 5km around the beautiful bushland of Oatley Park. You can sponsor an individual or the team but please give generously !!

Why are we asking for your support?

The offensive to recapture Mosul, Iraq from ISIL began in October 2016 and is now entering it fifth month. Since ISIL’s rise in Iraq, 4.5 miillion people have fled their homes, with potentially another 1 million more displaced by the operations in Mosul.  10.4 million people ( one third of the population) are in need of humanitarian assistance.

How can you help?

By sponsoring an MOBC team member in the Oatley Park Fun Run, you will be supporting Baptist World Aid and its field partners in Iraq, who provide emergency relief for internally displaced refugee families – including food , water, shelter, medicine. In Lebanon, you will be supporting Syrian refugee families – meaning children will be provided the chance of finding a childhood amidst war, violence and upheaval by helping to fund informal education facilities. Your gift gives Syrian refugee children safe places to meet, learn and play.

Donations of $2 and over are tax deductible

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Fundraising is a powerful and personal way for you to bring blessing and justice to the poor. Thank you… your generosity will help fill our world with inspiring stories of hope!