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I’m taking the Baptist World Aid Ethical Fashion Challenge because I want to help end worker exploitation and environmental degradation.

The price of clothing has been decreasing for decades, while the human and environmental costs have grown dramatically. Too many people making our clothes are still underpaid, unsafe and mistreated.

The average living wage in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where many of our clothes are made is roughly US$7 a day. Yet the vast majority of workers don’t event earn this much – it’s time for change!

I’m supporting Baptist World Aid by creating awareness and raising funds to campaign for an industry where environmental protection, as well as human rights, are the standard and not the exception.

For seven days I’ll be wearing outfits made up of only the same seven items from my wardrobe. I’ll be using the Baptist World Aid Ethical Fashion Guide and social media to encourage the brands I’m wearing to improve their standards.

As I’ve been on this journey of shopping ethically for a while, a lot of my clothes come from companies that are already making big changes – so I’ll be also shouting out their efforts! Many of the items I have that aren’t from A rated shops in the Ethical Fashion Guide have also come from op shops – another way you can help to lessen your impact in the fashion world! I hope you enjoy the week!

Please sponsor me for one day ($7) or for the week ($49) to help end worker exploitation!