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7 pieces. 7 outfits.
7 days to help end worker exploitation.


Monday 21st to Sunday 27th October

You can take a stand against worker exploitation and modern slavery.

Join the Ethical Fashion Challenge and for the next seven days you can play an important role in ending garment worker exploitation and improving environmental practices.

STEP 1: Use the 2019 Ethical Fashion Guide to select seven items of clothing from your wardrobe that can be put together in different ways over seven days. These are the only pieces of clothing you’ll be wearing for the week.

STEP 2: Post your daily outfits on social media, tagging the brands and calling out their efforts to protect their workers and reduce their environmental impact.

STEP 3: Ask your friends and family to sponsor your ethical fashion challenge for the week.

Did you know? Garment workers in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where many of our clothes are made are being paid as low as 55c an hour. This is clearly short of the roughly $7 a day which experts say would be an average living wage in this region*. It’s time for change!

Could you stand up for workers by asking friends and family to sponsor you $7 a day? That’s $49 for the week to help end worker exploitation.

Your generous gift will help Baptist World Aid engage with companies we research to end worker exploitation, as well as support work in communities to ensure children stay in school longer and families don’t have to take on exploitative work.

Challenge yourself to end worker exploitation. Sign up today.

*Global Living Wage Coalition


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