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Practicalities of the challenge – FAQs

7 items are not a lot… what about special occasions, the gym, sleeping?
It’s up to you how far you take the challenge, but we recommend not including underwear and socks (for obvious reasons!)

Try to choose items you can mix and match easily and a pair of comfortable shoes you can wear most days. Other than that, if you have an item earmarked for a special occasion that’s not included as part of your capsule wardrobe, we’re giving you this incentive…

For every $200 raised, add an additional item of clothing to your capsule wardrobe for that special occasion!

How do I decide which items to choose?
Use the 2019 Ethical Fashion Guide to select seven pieces are items you already own (excluding socks and underwear) from brands that are working to mitigate the risk of worker exploitation and environmental harm in their supply chain.

You may only have a few A+ items in your wardrobe. That’s ok, use this opportunity to encourage the brands that haven’t made the grade to improve their standards. If an item is second-hand, that’s also a great opportunity for you to share where you bought it and encourage others that second-hand options are a brilliant way to reduce landfill and give clothes a second life. If a brand you’ve chosen doesn’t appear in the Ethical Fashion Guide, use the template we’ve provided to contact that brand to ask for more information… and fill us in on their response!

See your templates for posting on social media to thank brands for what they are doing already and calling them to do better.

What should I expect during my challenge?
Each day we will post an update to help deepen your understanding the global fashion industry… and the issue of modern slavery around the world. We hope this helps widen your understanding and gives you valuable knowledge to share with your family and friends about exploitation within the fashion industry and our consumerist culture.

How do I get started with fundraising? And where does the money go?
Kickstart your fundraising by making a personal donation, this is a great way to get started and take action.
We’re recommending you ask for sponsorship of $7 a day (roughly the living wage* of a worker in Dhaka ). That’s $49 for the week. Your generous gift of $49 will help Baptist World Aid engage with companies we research to end worker exploitation, as well as support work in communities to ensure children stay in school longer and families don’t have to take on exploitative work.
Why not aim for 10 sponsors? That’s $490 to make a great impact in helping end worker exploitation – perhaps you could tag 10 people in a post on social media and ask if they could support you.

* A ‘Living wage’ is defined as a wage that is sufficient for workers to be able to afford the basics – food, water, healthcare, clothing, electricity and education – for themselves and their dependants.
1 Global Living Wage Coalition

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