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Ideas to involve your community

Whether it’s during your challenge week or something to plan for a later date, here’s a few ideas to take the challenge further and get your church or community involved!

Organise a clothes swap
either with friends, at church, your office or in your community group. This is an easy way to get together, bring along clothes you don’t wear anymore and swap them with others. It’s a helpful way to start the conversation about where our clothes are made. Consider asking for a donation to your fundraising for participating. Get in touch with us for a guide to organising

‘Show your tag’ day
Wear your clothes inside out or with the tags out to show the brand you’re wearing. Post about it on social media to call brands to account. It’s also a great way to start conversations about ethical fashion when someone notices your tag out!

Host a screening of The True Cost
A great way to educate people about the importance of ethical fashion, and start an important discussion about how your community can take action. Host a screening.


Run the ‘Who Makes my Clothes’ Simulation
This game can help you and your community engage more deeply with the issue of worker exploitation. Register to run a simulation

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