Karen and Mark Trek4Change!


$30,301 raised so far


Roncesvalles to Zuribi 22km

What a day. I had mistakenly thought the mountaineering was behind us but today was an endless cycle of steep ascending and descending and ascending and descending. It has taken its toll on legs and feet. Arrived early afternoon and showered and ate food. Learnt how important feul is for the body and we definitely need to eat more food!

Highlights: Apart from sore bodies, we enjoyed amazing scenery, woolly horses (its cold here), woolly sheep (yep they feel it too), beautiful creeks, clouds sunken in valleys, many forest glades, shared food with other pilgrims and an amazingly helpful Albergue owner who helped us out.


Mark spent a lot of today telling me “You can do this honey!” In Life everyone needs someone cheering them on.
Mark spent a lot of time walking ahead on hill climbs and calling out to me “You are nearly there.” In Life we just need to know the pain will stop soon.
Other pilgrims gave words of encouragement and we met Padre Neil from Queensland who shared his story. In Life God brings around us those who speak words of love.
We didnt eat enough today and we were exhausted. In Life we need to feul our body, soul and spirit to walk the journey well.

Tomorrow it is on to Pamplona.

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