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St Jean Pied de Port to Roncesvalles

This was our first day on the Camino de Santiago. What an enormous day up and over the mountains from France into Spain. I dont think we have ever experienced such a physical challenge like we had today. Walked for 8 hrs with only a few short stops…climbing steep gradients up and down! They say this is the hardest day on the Camino and I am glad about that. I could not do this every day.

A few highlights…boiled eggs for sale at a roadside van, got run over by a push bike speeding past (I jumped the wrong way and we collided), had to have 3 ‘green’ toilet stops (in the bushes), a local hurled a snowball at me as we walked past (icy snow was on side of the road in the mountauns) and we said Bonjour for first half and Ola for second half of day.

We shared carrying one pack all day to preserve energy (sent one on ahead to accommodation) and took turns. Life is better when you bare one anothers burdens.
We took turns taking the lead to help the other keep pace. Life is better when you learn to lead as well as follow.
The first thing we did when arriving at our acocmmodation was shower. Life is better when you smell nice!

Its off to a church service tonight and dinner at 7pm and then head to bed to rest for tomorrow. One day down, only 37 to go!

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