Karen and Mark Trek4Change!


$30,301 raised so far


Puente la Reina to Estella 22 km

Woke up today to our Bible app and read Proverbs 16:9 “We can make our plans but the Lord determines our steps.” How true this would be.

Mark was feeling a lot better, we had a great breakfast and set off at a great pace. The first hour was a beautiful stroll and then the mountains started again. It was up and down, climbing and descending and became quite a challenge.

A beautiful breeze blew most of the day and the Way was past vineyards and quaint villages. With all the climbing my sciatic began playing up and I was in a lot of pain. So much so, that Mark carried his and my backpack the last 2 km. What a guy!!!

After listening to the harmonizing of a room full of snorers all last night (something to behold really!!) We decided to book unto a private room tonight. Have also sent my backpack ahead for tomorrow so I dont have to carry the weight.

Highlight: a Story: About an hour after a “green toilet stop’ a group of three men caught us up and asked if I was Karen Wilson. I had dropped my wallet with all my money and ID at the side of the road near some bushes. They had picked it up and walked quickly to find the owner. Oh my goodness!!! Honest fellow pilgrims. God is definitely looking after us! Keep your prayers coming.

A cool breeze refreshes like nothing else. In Life the breath of God refreshes and renews our everyday.
Mark carrying my backpack enabled me to make the distance. In Life God carries our burdens when we hand them over to him. Matt 11:28-29
Vineyards had all new shoots today – it is Spring in Spain. In Life the seasons of new things bring new life and new hope…we are praying that over every one of you.

Dont forget the reason we are walking…to help those refugees in great need. We need your help to help them. Please donate now.

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