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$30,301 raised so far


Terradillos de los Templarios to Bercianos 23.5 km


Today was a day of mixed emotions. We set off feeling a little weary as sleep was not great. 13km down the track we came to Sahagun which is the mid-way town between St Jean Pied de Port and Santiago. We went to the Monastary for Pilgrims and were presented with certificates to say we had made it half the distance!!! It was so exciting. God has been faithful and despite the pain, struggles and hardships we were half way along the journey and that felt pretty awesome.

Then fatigue set in. Energy was low. Feet were sore. I said to Mark that I felt like I was trudging.

trudge trʌdʒ/ verb
“To walk slowly and with heavy steps, typically because of exhaustion or harsh conditions.”

How appropriate. This afternoon we both limped in to our accommodation and flopped on our beds. We showered and did our washing and will head out to dinner soon …
But for now we are reflecting on a faithful God who has always walked with us and led us each step of the way.

Highlights: Great croissant for breaky, good wifi tonight (after none last night arghhh), quiet and clean albergue (only 4 in each room), and we passed the 400km mark today.

We stopped to celebrate our achievement today. We took photos and marked the moment. In life, take time to stop and celebrate, declare the good things in your life, no matter how large or small.
It was a hard slog this afternoon and Mark sang fun songs to me for the last hour today to get me through to the town we were staying in. Find those who bring joy in your world … the singers … and make sure they are in your life. You need them.

God has ben faithful to us for many years:
Faithfully leading us
Faithfully alongside us
Faithfully strengthening us
Faithfully comforting us
Faithfully blessing us
He is faithful

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