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A rest day in Mansilla.

On this day, Mother’s Day, we are resting. We will stay in Mansilla and let our bodies recover a little. I am missing my family back home, however, today our thoughts are with families all over the world. For some it will be a day of celebration, but for so many it will bring further struggle and hardshilp.

BAPTIST WORLD AID AUSTRALIA are working with on-ground partner organisations in Syria and Lebanon to help them help those who have been displaced and have had to flee their homes. One such partner is Merath who works with local churches in Syria. Your giving helps Merath help so many others.


As terrorism sweeps through civilian areas, parents seek safety and peace for their children… and flee to safer places. The violence has affected hundreds of thousands of Syrian families, each with their own story to tell, this is only one of them…

Nizar, and his family fled the terror that had come to their hometown for a safer pocket of Syria.

Not only did Nizar leave his home and most of his possessions behind him, but he also left his mechanic shop and tools.
With the high cost of living and the enormous difficulty in providing food and rent for his wife, son, daughter-in-law, and four grandchildren (including hungry twin babies!) Nizar had no choice but to accept a low-paying job at a mechanic shop… and continually dip into his savings.

When winter arrived, it brought with it cold nights in the mountainous region.
Nizar knew that it would be impossible for him to buy a heating appliance that would warm everyone in the house.

Instead, Nizar’s heart broke as he watched his grandchildren huddle together at night as they slept in their jackets, their little bodies wrapped in only bedsheets.
It was not enough to keep their teeth from chattering.

Night after night, Nizar’s family battled the cold until he met the local Merath church partner. A short time after hearing his story, three church volunteers turned up at Nizar’s home one cold evening in February.
They brought with them a heating stove, as well as three blankets. Nizar’s family also received a cash subsidy to help them buy fuel throughout the winter.

In a matter of 30 minutes, Nizar’s family received almost everything they needed to help them survive the cold of the winter months. But the most heart-warming thing of all was the sight of the children eagerly unwrapping the blankets and snuggling up.
And in that moment, their warmth and happiness replaced cold and misery for their whole family.

Two days later, Nizar’s wife got in touch with the church to thank the team for their kindness.

She told them how depressing it had been to see her grandchildren gloomy, their hopes fading, and their eyes losing their brightness.

“Now,” she said, “they are playing around merrily. Their eyes alight with excitement.”


We are walking for families like this. We can’t do everything, but we can all do something. We ask you to consider making a donation. Those who have so little will suffer less because of your generosity. Thank you to everyone who has already given and joined us on our trek4change.

With love

Mark and Karen

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