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Mansilla to Leon 18.6 km

After a lovely rest day in Mansilles yesterday, we set off around 7.30 this morning to walk to Leon. It was one of our shortest days (which was so nice) but we walked most of the day in the drizzliing rain. We donned wet weather gear and just plodded along.

It was actually quite lovely. Apart from the constant damp feeling, we just walked slowly and because of the rain, most people were in their coats or ponchos and in their own worlds. It was a day to think and just ‘be’. A day to think of and pray for many of you back home and the needs you have. Quite a lovely day really.

Leon, population 130,000, is the prettiest city (in our opinion) that we have walked through. The people are warm and friendly. The Cathedral is magnificent and set right in the centre.
So…we topped up our Spanish phone card, bought more ibrufen for Karen’s leg pain, bought a new pair of hiking socks (as one has completely worn out), bought doghnuts and coffee…and we will enjoy a pilgrims meal tonight just outside our hostel. Bliss.

Highlights: Grateful for a gentle walk today, waterproof clothes and shoes to protect from the rain, warm coffee and tortilla for breakfast, a lovely clean hostel, a stunning city centred around their Cathedral, and our own room again. Yippeeee.

Walking in the rain we were glad it was not icy cold wind as well. Even in hardships, there are blessings to find. Things can always be worse… lol

We saw Bill and his boots (a fellow pilgrim who has taped his boots up on day 2) and laughed as we recognised his boots first and just knew it was him under the giant poncho walking along. He is quite a character. In life, what are you known for? When people say your name, what first comes to their minds? What legacy are you leaving?

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