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Bercianos to Mansilla de las Mulas 26.7 km

Adjusted actual with headwind factor felt like 40 km!!!

Day one of the second half of the Camino saw a relentless headwind for all 26.7km. Wow. We left at sunrise and it was full on and drew us into survival mode. Head down, gloves on, poles working hard, we leant into the wind the whole day and just kept walking. With only two towns along the way in which to take shelter for reprieve, today needed a whole heap of resilience just to complete it. Mark’s words: “It was a grind of a day.”

Highlights: We made it to the end alive (haha), we walked with other pilgrims to help each other make it, we told stories and shared lives together, we walked looking at snow capped mountains in the distance, we are in humble but clean accommodation and will stay and rest tomorrow. Our bodies are tired and we need to recover.

Reflections: We walked with Amy today, who had been ill all night and was on her own. When you are struggling it helps to walk together. We shared stories and helped each other press through the headwind. She was from Bunbury WA which is only a couple of hours from where we live…yes, its a small world.
We made sure we ate well and stopped for needed breaks today. In life, fuel for your body, soul and spirit is vital.
We are staying in a hostel called Des Delicias. You gotta love somewhere called Delicious!!! Lol

NOTE: We have something very special to share with you tomorrow so make sure you check out our post. It will be hugely significant.

Thanks everyone.

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