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Villar de Mazarife to Astorga 31.5 km
Adjusted Actual 33km

Today was our longest day yet. We arose early and left before sunrise to get some km behind us before breakfast. Walking 10km for a coffee is a whole new (not so fun) experience. It was tough going!

We took the alternate route all the way today and navigated up and down mountains to avoid the noisy main roads. I want to sat it was worth it… just give me time to get over the pain and I will be able to say that. With fewer people and quiet meadows it was a tranquil day.

We were surrounded by spectacular scenery again and many glimpses of snow capped mountains the whole way. We walked past many ploughed fields alongside fields of crops thriving. The legs and feet took a pounding but we are getting stronger and learning to stop more often, eat more regularly and just encourage each other to keep going. We also had a bit of fun with pilgrim statues (it keeps the day lighter when you play).

We had a soft bed waiting (well we hoped it was soft and it was) but there are millions of displaced people who have no such thing to look forward to. Their bodies must be tired constantly. We spent time today considering them.

Highlights: Best coffee ever after 10km of walking (any coffee would have been great), twice walking alongside others and hearing their story helped the km melt away, walking through a medieval town was amazing, mountains all day were gorgeous, an amazing cross on hills outside Astorga, got our washing done at a laundromat when we arrived (always a good thing) and our own room tonight…and own bathroom (woohooooo).

Reflections: Getting an early start set us up to get through the day. In life dont put off until later what you need to start now. Just get it done!
We talked to people and heard their stories. In life, sharing others’ lives helps you deal with what you are going through in your own life. Reach out to others.
We saw so many other pilgrims take taxis/other transport today. We have committed to walking every step if we can. In life, stick to your values and dont compromise to take the easy way out. It may be harder but you will be glad you did.

Thanks for keeping us company today.
Until tomorrow….

PS A big thankyou to those who have donated to the Syrian refugees in the past few days. It means a lot to us to have your support.

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