Karen and Mark Trek4Change!


$30,301 raised so far


Ribadiso to Pedrouzo 23.7 km
Adjusted actual 29.4 km

This was our last long day. Over half of today was on natural pathways through Eucalyptus forests. We started with a steep climb up and then just kept walking for what seemed like a long day. Literally hundreds of new people joined the trail today. Many different Camino paths converge here and also many people who just want to walk a few days join in. It was so busy that we escaped into a small eccentric cafe for lunch and the woman behind the counter greeted us warmly. She asked where we had walked from. When we told her we started in Saint Jean, France, she looked at us and said, “Pilgrims.” Then she pointed to the bus loads walking past outside and said, “Tourists”. We had a laugh.

Our journey is very different to those who started in the last day or so, but we are all on a journey and today was long for everyone. Everyone has a story. Everyone is faced with challenges. We remember those for whom the journey will be years as they flee their homes looking for peace. The Syrian refugees are very much on our heart today.

We are all responsible for how we journey life and no matter how short or long it is, we need to steward the time well that we have.

My mum sent me the words of this old hymn today and it fits so well with the things we have faced on this trek.


Only to be what you want me to be
Every  moment of every day
Yielded completely to Jesus my Lord
Every step of this pilgrim way.
Just to be clay in the Potter’s Hands
Ready to do what His word commands.
Only to be what He want me to be
Every moment of every day!!

Highlights: Our last long day, no rain, our lunch spot, we will meet fellow pilgrims for a meal tonight, we will attend pilgrims mass tonight, we have a short day of reflection tomorrow and then we walk in to Santiago on Tuesday morning.

Our time is ending here on the Camino and we are hoping you will give to the work we are walking for.

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