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Pedrouzo to Vilamajor 12 km
Staying at Casa de Amancio

Today we took what seemed like a stroll in comparison to other days – to reflect.

Amidst the hoardes of tourists who have joined since Sarria and who are rushing to get to the final destination, we gently made our way for 12 km along the Way, walking our own pace, taking selfies and sharing stories of the past month together. We wanted a short day to take time to reflect on what this journey has been and we are staying in the mountauns just out of the city. We will get up before dawn tomorrow and walk the last two hours in on our own – to finally arrive after 38 days on the Camino.

We had dinner last night in Pedrouzo with friends that we had met over the past month. They will walk to Santiago today but we will take a step back and reflect. We will all gather for the Pilgrim’s Mass tomorrow in the Cathedral at 12pm and it will be good to celebrate and say goodbye to those we have walked alongside.

This trip has very much been about the two of us and about helping one another to the end and we wanted to finish it the same way.

Together, Mark and I have gone through so much:

We have encouraged each other
We have challenged each other
We have carried each other’s belongings (OK, Mark more than me on that one)
We have dressed each others injuries (I win on that account)
We have sung
We have told stories
We have laughed
We have cried
We have prayed daily out loud (so often for so many of you)
We have talked of missing family and friends
We have talked of the past
We have dreamt of the future
We have marvelled at God’s creation
We have helped each other with broken Spanish
We have washed each other’s clothes
We have done whatever it takes to help the other through the day
We have connected, supported and loved each other deeply.

Such has been our journey of The Way.

Thank you for walking with us. Your words often spoke at times when we needed them most. Your financial contributions will help those who cannot help themelves. Your support has meant more than you can ever know. We will be forever grateful.

Tomorrow we will finish.

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