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$30,301 raised so far


Portomarin to Palas de Rei 24.6 km
Adjusted actual 29.8 km

Today was overcast, cloudy, damp, very long and threatened to rain continually. The mood of most pilgrims was subdued and we huddled in roadside cafes to keep warm and rehydrate. It’s a strange (actually awful) thing to be cold but also sweating (from.constant uphill climbing). Yuk. We wore wet weather gear all day because we knew rain was coming…it just never did! Sigh.

Over the past month we have walked through allmost everry terrain known – main roads, country tracks, vineyards, wheat fields, mountains, the meseta – and today was predominantly forests. There is an advantage to that: Lots of green toilet spots…. see if you can identify the picture I took of one below. Haha. Trees were magnificent and though a little foggy, the paths winding through the forests were delightful.

Highlights: The km are counting down to the end, warm drinks, cows, yellow flower God winks, each other … to be honest today was a bit tough.

Trees. We can learn a lot from them. A fellow pilgrim (Jean) found a poster with a message from trees to pilgrims. I have added a few extra thoughts of my own:

Stand tall and proud
Remember your roots
Rejoice in your natural beauty
Enjoy life and the fresh air
Give shade to the weary
Reach to the heavens and grow

For now, it’s time to rest and recover. We are praying for many of you back home and for some amazing events over this weekend. Be blessed.

Not many days left to give to those we are walking for. Please donate today.

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