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San Juan de Ortiga to Burgos 26.1 km
Adjusted actual 27.1 km
(Adjusted accounts for extra metres over mountain climbs)

We slept amazingly well considering we were squeezed like sardines into our shared accommodation. It was 3°C when we left in search of breakfast. There was a chilling, howling wind that literally blew us all the way to Burgos. With the max temp being 9°C we felt extremely cold all day. Wore our rain gear just to try and keep warm.

Breakfast was a yummy spanish pastie and hot coffee and we pressed on up and over yet another mountain and then it was a wind-driven downhill run all the way to the city.

There were lots of choices of paths today. Rocky ones, sandy ones, high ones, low ones and then just monotonous ones along roads.

Highlights: Warm clothes, warm coffees and snacks, warm hugs from cold pilgrims glad to see us, neurofin for tired legs, bandaids for blisters (Mark has another one) and a laundromat where I am currently getting all our clothes clean…oh yes, and a rest day tomorrow and in a lovely hotel for the next two nights. Ahhhhhh. So thankful.

All the way into Burgos public buses kept passing us that we could have hopped on. So tempting! In life, temptation comes so often and we have to keep our focus to resist. Know why you are doing what you are doing and hold true to that. Do I hear an Amen?
We took turns taking the lead heading into the wind today. In life, share the burden of leadership with others and rely on one another to be able to press forward.
Today we passed a beautiful cross at the top of the mountain. In life, pause after your ‘mountain’ and give thanks to God for what he has done for you.

NOTE There are others who are facing their ‘mountains’. Can you help?

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