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Najera to Santo Domingo de la Calzada 22 km

We awoke this morning with a video message from the staff at Baptist World Aid Australia who had recorded a greeting for us and a general ‘You can do it’ message. It was so encouraging and after we had experienced a great sleep, it was just what we needed to get up and get going again. It was going to be an easy day…right?! Only 22 km.

The team at Baptist World Aid Australia are a terrific bunch of people who I now work with and they have given their lives to working with the poor and those in need all over the world. Check out some of their incredible projects on this site.

It was a chilly 3°C this morning but we started with a hearty breaky and hot tea to warm us. Through the night a friend had sent me exercises to do to help relieve sciatica and they really helped. We are so glad to have friends travelling this journey with us. I was pain free as we set off.

Early in the day we met Rev Michelle from USA and instantly fell into step the three of us chatting and sharing stories of faith and ministry. The hours sped by. We ended up walking all day together.

We stopped around midday to discover Mark had a blister!!!! What??!!! My best nursing skills (which are very limitted) came to the forefront and I managed to pass a needle and cotton through his fluidy blister without passing out myself. Yay. That was today’s miracle. We wrapped it and continued on.

We arrived early to lovely accommodation and realised I had walked most of the day without leg trouble. Answered prayers (thank you everyone) and great stretching tips… I might just make it to the end of this pilrimage after all.

Highlights: greeting from BWAA staff, many facebook messages of encouragement, food for breaky (food always good), Rev Michelle, amazing medical moment , lunch overlooking beautiful wheat and canola fields, incredible scenery and lots of flat roads, and an almost painfree leg today.
Hmmm and spanish chocolate has to rate a mention!!!

A blister interupted an almost perfect day. In life ‘blisters’ will happen and we need to stop and deal with them.. but then keep going.
We walked fairly straight roads today. In life we need to stay on the course God has for us.
The paths were clear for us today. However, in life our direction is not always obvious and we have to seek God in a deeper way to know the future.

God answered our prayers in all sorts of ways today : the encouragement of greetings from home, healing of painful legs, the joy of hearing a fellow pilgrims faith journey, lovely accommodation tonight … our hearts are full. Its been a good day.


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