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Los Arcos to Logrono 28km

We were woken at 4.30am with three people deciding it was time to arise in our Albergue – and then talking at the top of their voices with lights on etc. Everyone had to get up and we had finished breakfast and were on the road by 6am. It was an early start in the dark and we had to wear a headlight to see the path. We could see the glow of lights 7km away from the town we were heading to.

Today we walked our greatest distance yet. Almost a quarter further than other days and our bodies are telling us so. We arrived in Logrono and just slept for an hour before showering – we were so exhausted.

It was a beautiful day with many different landscapes…mountains, vineyards, farmland, main roads, small villages and then a 9km entry to this main city in Spain. We walked with a young couple today and shared stories and laughter along the way. Our hearts connected as we understood a little of their story and the way they navigate life so well. It made a very long distance seem so much shorter.

Highlights: Journeying/walking with PJ and M (you guys were amazing…you know who you are ), sharing the day together, actually making the distance, beautiful soft matress in our own private room tonight, an anticipated day of rest tomorrow! Yay! We will sleep in and recover a little.

Reflections: We walked the whole day with new friends today. In life the journey with good companions make the way easier.
We passed many rest areas on the way today. In life we need seasons to pause and catch our breath to be able to do the journey well.
We began walking in the dark today. It was hard to see where we were going. In life the sun rising over us (God’s love) brings warmth, clarity of direction and hope.
John 1:5


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