Karen and Mark Trek4Change!


$30,301 raised so far


Carrion de los Condes to Terradillos de los Templarios (Population 80) 26.8 km
Adjusted actual 27.3 km

Today was a day of inspiration.

Each morning the first thing Mark and I do is to walk and pray. We pray for our family, for the needs of some of you back home that we have committed to support, and for whatever God lays on our hearts. The sun was rising as we prayed today and we felt the dawn blessing our day.

We walked 26+km today and 80% of it was on one long road. Placing thousands of steps one after the other, a gentle breeze blowing, worship music playing, God began to whisper.

God gave me my new message for Fresh Conference today which I am so excited to preach July 21st. I really felt prompted by God regarding standing in His extraordinary calling… and how to do this for the long haul. Check out the conference link below. Its going to be an incredible year for this life-changing event in Perth.

Highlights: So today was about walking, talking together, sneaking a kiss every few km (Mark’s idea!), listening to God, marvelling in His creation and nature…and being glad we made the distance on a long walk.

We walked long straight roads today. In life, keeping taking one step after the other and wait for the whisper of God. He speaks in some of the most ordinary circumstances and says the most extraordinary things.
We spent a lot of time listenig to worship music today. I strapped it to my shoulder and we shared the mobile phone speaker together. In life, the power of worship is incredibly inspiring and uniting. Spend time today and hear God through His inspired music.


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