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Logrono to Najera 29km

After a restless night sleep (not sure if Dominos Pizza for dinner agreed with me) we arose at 6.30am. We had packed the night before and headed off by 7. Stepping outside into 4°C was a shock to the system and we donned beanies, gloves and coats. An early stop for breaky and we were on the Way.

It was a huge day walking 29km and we both struggled. My leg is not happy at all and giving me a lot of pain. Mark is a lot stronger at present. Please keep the prayers coming. We have a long way to go.

We walked alongside main highways for 3-4 hrs today and the contrast of pace was huge. We would normally be the ones speeding through life, but for now we walk one step after the other and let those speeding pass us by.

Highlights: A guitar playjng man at the top of our mountain climb, snow capped mountain scenery, beautiful rest stops for lunch and snacks, speeding motorists honking horns to say hi, bumped into Padre Neil again for a quick chat. It was cold and chilly most of the day…much nicer to walk in than the heat. Still no rain. Yay.

Its vineyard ploughing time over here. In life the season of ploughing, turning over hard ground, getting rid of weeds growing, is a really important thing to embrace. Se need to go through a ploughing of the heart.
I walked with a lot of pain today but was aware of the prayers of many. In life we are encouraged by those who stand with us in the hard times. Sometimes those hard times can last a while.
Still no blisters! In life we need to pause to give thanks for the many small blessings.

We are praying for you today and that you would remember God loves you and loves to bless you … heaps!

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