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Santo Domingo de la Calzada to Belorado 23km

“If you only walk on sunny days you will never reach your destination.“ Paulo Coelho

We walked straight into a bitterly cold headwind all day. It was freezing. Donned with coats and hoods and gloves we persevered in extremy cold conditions. The wind came straight at us from snow capped mountains ahead and it cut through like a knife.

It tooks its toll. Muscles were tight, lips were chafed, conversation hard as you just had to concentrate on moving forward.

Two blessings- Firstly there was no rain!!!! And secondly, we walked the last 5km after a lunch break with 3 other pilgrims who were struggling equally as much as we were. We just helped each other get through. Random.songs were being sung. Time went quickly and there was great celebration when we arrived at our destination for the night.

The Camino is like that. When one is weak, the others rally to bring strength and encouragement.

Highlights: Again, exquisite scenery, rivers and snow capped mountains, coffee break at albergue along the way, warm coats and gloves, warm coffee break, warm shower at end of day, helping a fellow walker fix a blister, helping friends/pilgrims along the Way.

We walked into an icy headwind all day. In life the season of struggle can seem long. You get through it by taking one step at a time and persevering..
It rained all around the horizon but not on us. In life we have to be grateful when some hardships actually do evade us!!
We made it through the day by walking together. In life we often hide away in our struggles, but if we reach out and walk together the journey seems shorter and the time passes more quickly.

May you journey well through your day and draw alongside others for strength.

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