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Pamplona to Puente La Reina 24km

We woke pretty excited about today after a good sleep and the fun of being in a city last night. Left early and started walking. It was cold and humid (a weird combination) and a slight gradient the whole way for the first 3 hrs to breakfast. Argh! I could feel the joy leaving. I also lost my sunglasses somewhere along the way.. I was not going back to search for them.

There were rolling wheat and canola fields alongside the track as we climbed. The legs were getting a little wobbly. This country sure has its mountains!

After breaky the real climb started to the summit at Alto del Perdon where there are wind turbines and wrought iron sculptures of medieval pilgrims. We then descended (for 12km) to our little town for tonight. With legs aching and bodies groaning we stumbled into our Albergue and it is lovely a clean. A room of 10 people tonight.

Learning the rhythm of the km for me so far:
1-5km Its hard to get going and my pack feels heavy
5-10 km This is great – fun times
10-15km (and a mountain ) This is NOT so great and NOT so fun
15-20km OK that’s enough
20+km Why am I doing this?!!

Highlights: Breakfast (after three hours!), beautiful farm land, exquisite views, great conversations, no blisters still, we can still walk!!

The Camino signage has been amazing all the way. In Life the word of God (the Bible) gives us clear directions for the way to go.
Our bodies are aching from walking so far…but we recover each night. In Life we are caoable of far more than we know. Eph 3:20 is a reality.
The farmland was lush and green. In life there are seasons of sowing and seasons of harvest.

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