Abandoned by his father. His mother is too sick to work. There are 6 mouths to feed. At 14, the burden of being the breadwinner is heavy on Sann’s shoulders.

Sann is a bright student but he has no choice but to leave school. Which means giving up his dream of becoming a doctor. Penah, a field worker, was almost in tears as she said:

“He wanted to continue (school), but… his family is poor… He has a dream in the future, he wants to be doctor, but he could not afford to make his dream come true.”

Instead, Sann works in the forest a few days at a time to earn enough to keep his family from starvation. But it means being exposed to mosquitos carrying a deadly brain-swelling disease: cerebral malaria.

“One day Sann starts shivering from fever… And if it weren’t for the fact that our team was there, Sann would have died.”

Children like Sann shouldn’t be at risk of dying from preventable diseases… or missing out on school because of poverty.

Today, your gift will help 10,000 Young Lives like Sann’s get the food, health care and education they need to change their futures.